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PART 1 - An Auspicious Beginning

PART 2 - The Impressive Partnership

PART 3 - Evidences of Inner Harmony

PART 4 - Genesis 1:1 - The Stellar View

PART 5 - Remarkable Conjunctions

PART 6 - A Weighing of Differences

PART 7 - The Challenge


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1.1 - Introduction

The Judeo-Christian Scriptures open with the foundational assertion, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Among believers there are two broad schools of thought regarding the general method by which this was accomplished: the one is convinced that it was by a process of evolution occurring over aeons of time; the other, by a brief series of abrupt acts - as a literal reading of the biblical text undoubtedly requires. Atheists, of course - possessing no supernatural affiliations - are bound by the inference that all came about by chance, claiming that the findings of science allied with reason demand such a conclusion. Remarkably, the more vociferous of these individuals are today actively promoting the idea that 'there probably is no God'!

On the other hand, surprisingly few theists are prepared to believe that our Creator has already foreseen and prepared for such an eventuality; indeed, has devised a method which, simultaneously, demolishes all atheistic pretensions whilst fortifying the faith of the believer; for into the chaotic situation sketched out above a supernaturally-ordained event now appears - its most obvious purpose being to challenge and correct the misguided conjectures - so long indulged in by clever men - concerning who and what we really are. The significance of the event hinges on two simple observations: (a) that the Bible is potentially far more informative than has been regarded hitherto and, (b) that whatever one's stance with respect to religion, all must agree that mathematics stands apart as a primary source of objective truth - as exemplified by those of its features which display both number and form - the figurate numbers [1]. Most appropriately, it is in this strategically-placed first verse, and following word (i.e. the first 8 words - here designated Genesis 1:1+) that we find an exceedingly rich structure of such absolutes - a structure that is further enhanced by apposite symbolisms, by data drawn from elsewhere in Holy Writ, by its delivering the digit sequences of two fundamental constants and, even more arrestingly, by its relatedness to certain characteristics of a number of common, present-day, artefacts [2].

Much as a conventional photograph begins its life as a latent image on a roll of film - only achieving its final form when properly 'developed', 'fixed' and printed - so the full potential and significance of Genesis 1:1+ (originally, merely an idea in the mind of its Author!) rests upon a development which was to take place many centuries later - viz. the introduction of alphabetic numeration into Jewish society [3]. This happened circa 200 BC. Its immediate effect was to create a fascinating ambiguity: from this point on, all Hebrew letters and words would be fairly interpretable as numbers; in particular, the outcome regarding Genesis 1:1+ was (and is) as follows:

Observe here:

  • the reading is from right to left

  • the 4th word indicates that the following noun is a definite and direct object of the transitive verb, and as such is untranslatable

  • above each letter is shown its value as a numeral in accordance with the Hebrew scheme of alphabetic numeration

  • the numbers below are the 'Characteristic Values' (CVs) of the words - formed as the sums of the respective letter values


A further two millenia would elapse however before this was to become 'visible' to the human eye as, for example:


Observe here:

  • the CVs provided by the words of Genesis 1:1+ have each been translated into an equivalent number of uniform 'counters'

  • in certain combinations of unbroken sequences they are found to completely fill a symmetrical frame - equilateral triangle, regular hexagon or trapezium, as the case may be

  • such numerical absolutes are completely independent of space and time, and are immune to manipulation

  • as represented above, they may best be understood as a backcloth supporting a series of simple overlays

  • the relevant numbers all appear as the sums of running sequences of word CVs


1.2 - Unveiling the Geometries - 1

1.2.1 - The 'backcloth':

a triangle representing the sum of the first 8 word CVs, thus:

Observe here:

  • the equilateral threeness of this figure - and its simplicity: 1 counter forming the first (topmost) row; 2, the second; 3, the third; and so on...

  • the total of counters represented is therefore 1+2+3+...+75+76+77

  • the order number of a numerical triangle such as this is given by the number of its rows, or by the number of counters forming a side - in this case, 77


1.2.2 - First overlay:

a second triangle - the sum of CVs 1 to 7, inclusive - i.e. Genesis 1:1, the opening verse:

Observe that here is an example of a triangle built around a single central counter (represented in white) - and therefore capable of generating a hexagon/hexagram pair by self intersection/union [4] [5]

It is noteworthy also

  • that the number of counters forming the outline of this triangle is the cube 216, or 6x6x6 [6]

  • that 2701 is the product of two reflective prime numbers - thus, 2701 = 37 x 73 - each factor having a substantial and closely-related figurate dimension [7]

  • that the factors of 3003 are likewise worthy of attention [8]

  • that this verse is saturated with 37s [9]


This striking representation of the Bible's first verse is further enhanced by its 3003-as-triangle backcloth in two distinct ways: word 8 of 302 units provides either a plinth - Figure 1.5(a), or a protective covering - Figure 1.5(b), for the verse, thus:


1.2.3 - Second overlay:

for 1.5(a): a trio of congruent triangles [the sum of CVs 1 to 5, inclusive] [10];

and, for 1.5(b): a hexagon [the sum of CVs 4 to 8, inclusive] [11]; thus,


These respective overlays are depicted in position at (a) and (b) below. [So as to clarify the situation with respect to (a), observe the lightening of shade at its centre].


Further observe that while the CVs forming the hexagon at (b) are not entirely contained in the Genesis 1:1 sequence, the figure is nevertheless compatible with it, for it represents the intersection of 2701-as-triangle with an inverted copy of itself.


1.2.4 - Third overlay:

another triangle - the sum of CVs 6 and 7

Like 2701 (the verse total), 703 has just two prime factors - both of which are figurate, and related geometrically, thus: 703 = 19 x 37 [12]

As revealed here, 703-as-triangle, when inverted, fills the void of 7(a) precisely, and perfectly inscribes the hexagon at 7(b).



1.3 - Unveiling the Geometries - 2

The essentially triangular nature of the geometries associated with Genesis 1:1 is further substantiated when one considers the lexical structure of the verse. In its original Hebrew form it comprises 7 words and a total of 28 letters. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that the 7th triangular number should be 28![13]

1.4 - Interim Observations

Clearly, all things considered, it is hard to argue that these parallel developments are little more than a series of remarkable - but essentially random - coincidences! The suggestion is that their inclusion within God's Inspired Word was an intentional act designed to counter the anticipated apostasy and widespread unbelief so rampant in our day. Odd as it may sound, these phenomena may be seen as a kind of 'postscript' - an "Oh, by the way..!" - graciously delayed so as to coincide with a time of dire need. Here, and in subsequent pages, these revelations are consolidated and extended.


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