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PART 1 - An Auspicious Beginning

PART 2 - The Impressive Partnership

PART 3 - Evidences of Inner Harmony

PART 4 - Genesis 1:1 - The Stellar View

PART 5 - Remarkable Conjunctions

PART 6 - A Weighing of Differences

PART 7 - The Challenge


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5.1 - Introduction

Here, we bring together certain numerical characteristics of two ancient artefacts, viz. the opening verse of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures (as rendered in the original Hebrew) and the standard 8x8 chequerboard (basis of many games, including chess and draughts).

The total of unit squares in this arrangement is 64 - significantly, the smallest non-trivial number that may exist both as square and cube. Sixty-four is therefore an example of a 'bifigurate' number - and, in this case, one which may be realised structurally in either 2 or 3 dimensions.

Observe that such bifigurates are rare - there being only 10 examples in the first million natural numbers:

It follows that the likelihood of a chance encounter with any of these - in any context - is small. To discover that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are intimately involved with the topic in hand - and together provide a key to our further understanding of fundamental truths - must therefore be regarded as highly significant.

Let us then first observe that if the 2nd describes the salient features of a chequerboard, the 4th must relate to a 'chequerboard of chequerboards' - a structure which may be depicted thus,


A simpler view of this structure provides a suitable basis for subsequent developments:

5.2 - The Constructions

The 3rd instance of a square which is also a cube, viz, 729, may now be placed within the foregoing figure, thus:


Observe that area C is the product of the two numbers which

  • are primary factors of Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:1+, respectively;

  • represent the difference and sum of the cubes of 4 and 3, respectively; and,

  • as trifigurates, combine to exhibit the highest number of symmetrical forms


The first simple development is to extend the inner square upwards, thus generating the two rectangles D and E - each of considerable interest:


The width of D is, of course 37 (i.e. 64 - 27) so that the number of unit squares it contains is 2368 (i.e. 37.64). Remarkably, this also represents the sum of the CVs of "Jesus" and "Christ" as evaluated from both New Testament Greek and Septuagint, thus:


Here, we must pause to highlight important subdivisions of the lefthand rectangle, thus:


As may be seen, 2368 = 8.296 (296 being the CV of the 7th word of Genesis 1:1, translated "earth") and 888 and 1480, 3.296 and 5.296, respectively (these in the ratio 3:5 - as found in the dimensions of the Mercy Seat!).

The rectangle E encloses precisely 999 unit squares; so here we have a repdigit of three 9s sharing a border with, (i) its related cube of 9.9.9 and together with, (ii) the Creator's Name. How very remarkable!


Now, proceeding with a symmetrical development of Figure 5.7, we have:


Already the appearance of an opposed pair of 999-as-rectangle falls in with the earlier Genesis 1:1 observations concerning the CV totals 913 + 86 (words 1 and 3) = 203 + 401 + 395 (words 2, 4 and 5) = 999! But do we also find 703 (sum of the remaining words, 6 and 7) represented in this figure? Yes we do, for 703 is 37th triangular number, and a logical subdivision of 1369-as-square, thus:

Observe that its triangular counterpart involves the repdigit 666 - a denary-based symbol of relatively modern vintage which, when rotated through 180 degrees appears as '999', thus providing a perfect match with the other components!

This picture exhibits a particular segmentation of the word CVs of Genesis 1:1, as follows:

913 (word 1) + 86 (word 3) = 999 = 203 (word 2) + 401 (word 4) + 395 (word 5); 407 (word 6) + 296 (word 7) = 703

One further development is worthy of particular mention. It concerns the two significant observations, (i) that 703 is 210 units short of the CV of Bible's first word, 913 and, (ii) that 210 is a rare example of a triangular number which is the double of another - in this case, 105. Thus, if 105 units be transferred to G from each of the rectangles E, the following situation obtains and symmetry is maintained:


The pentagons J each comprise 894 unit squares and represent the sums of the CVs of word triplets within Genesis 1:1, thus:

203 (word 2) + 395 (word 5) + 296 (word 7) = 86 (word 3) + 401 (word 4) + 407 (word 6) = 894

Thus we have this alternative representation of the Bible's first verse - now expressed in terms of its first word and the sums of two groups of three words:


5.3 - Interim Observations 

Clearly, the preponderance of cubes, the 999/9.9.9 phenomenon, and the uncontrived presence of 'The Divine Signature', "Jesus Christ", combine to produce a highly-remarkable picture. It is appropriate that we remind ourselves that this has all emanated from our consideration of the product of the two unique and related numbers, 37 and 91!


Vernon Jenkins MSc


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