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PART 1 - An Auspicious Beginning

PART 2 - The Impressive Partnership

PART 3 - Evidences of Inner Harmony

PART 4 - Genesis 1:1 - The Stellar View

PART 5 - Remarkable Conjunctions

PART 6 - A Weighing of Differences

PART 7 - The Challenge


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3.1 - Extending the Geometries - 2

Even divisions of Genesis 1:1

3.1.1 - Here we observe that 2701, value of the Bible's first verse, may be alternatively represented as a trapezium [1] comprising 37 rows of counters - 55 in the first row and 91 in the 37th, thus:

If 703-as-triangle now be centrally superimposed on this structure, we obtain

Observe that the parallelograms flanking the triangle each comprise 999, or 27x37 counters. This happens to coincide with an even division within the first 5 word-values, thus: 913+86 (sum of words 1 and 3) = 203+401+395 (sum of words 2, 4 and 5) = 999.

Again, note that the outline of the trapezium comprises 216, or 6x6x6, counters (matching that of the triangular form of this verse).

3.1.2 - In a simple extension of the previous division the centrally-placed triangle (= 703) is symmetrically augmented by two triangles of 105 (14th triangular number) to generate a 6-sided figure representing a total of 913 - CV of the Bible's first Hebrew word, thus

Here is another remarkable situation: the two identical pentagons of 894 which flank this central figure each comprise the sum of a trio of words, thus: 203+395+296 (sum of words 2, 5 and 7) = 86+401+407 (sum of words 3, 4 and 6) = 894.

3.1.3 - Genesis 1:1+ also offers an even division - without infringing word boundaries - but one devoid of a simple figurate accompaniment. It is disposed around the 4th word (CV = 401), thus:

and we find, 913 + 86 + 302 (sum of words 1, 3 and 8) = 203 + 395 + 407 + 296 (sum of words 2, 5, 6 and 7) = 1301 [2]



3.2 - Extending the Geometries - 3

Concerning a second triangular trio

3.2.1 - Attention has already been drawn to the trio of triangles which derives from the sum of the first 5 word CVs of the Bible. We now consider a division of Genesis 1:1 which further extends our understanding of the complex nature of its disarmingly simple structure, thus:

Observe that the sum of the first 5 word CVs = A + B = 1998 = 3 x 666, i.e. three times the 36th triangular number; and that their difference = A - B = 234 = 3 x 78, i.e. three times the 12th triangular number. There follows a pictorial representation of these features:

3.2.2 - Of course, 703-as-triangle fills the void in this representation of 1998 precisely. But, observing 703 to be a G-triangle (i.e. one capable of generating a hexagon/hexagram pair by self-intersection/self-union) it is significant that the associated elemental triangle is the 12th, i.e. 78! It therefore follows that, in an exploded view, this triangle appears as a group of 9 x 78 centred around a single counter, thus:

Clearly, if 234-as-triangular-trio be subtracted from this structure, the result is 469-as-hexagon; and if it be added, 937-as-hexagram, thus:


3.3 - Extending the Geometries - 4

Concerning two tessellations

3.3.1 - A further division of Genesis 1:1 yields features of interest. Here we observe that the sum of the 4 odd-numbered word CVs is 1690 and, of the 3 even-numbered words, 1011.

We may write this result as

(10 x 169) + (3 x 337) = 2701 = CV (Genesis 1:1)

and observe that 169 and 337 form the hexagon/hexagram pair generated by the 22nd triangular number, 253, thus:

[Note that the 'elemental triangle' involved in these representations is 28, i.e. the number of letters in Genesis 1:1].

Clearly, these figures are tessellable. Thus, 10 of the hexagons may be associated with 3 of the hexagrams to build one or other of the following symmetrical forms - each, a picture of the Bible's first verse:


Each of these representations is precisely accomodated by GCT, as the Figures 3.12 and 3.13 reveal:

Observe that the blue areas in these figures represent John 1:1. This 'interlocking' of the Bible's creation verses is surely highly impressive and significant!

3.4 - Interim Observations

Clearly, these interesting divisions of Genesis 1:1 are completely independent of those features catalogued earlier. Things needn't have worked out this way. They are indeed remarkable additions to what was already a remarkable confluence of significant attributes.


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