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PART 1 - An Auspicious Beginning

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PART 3 - Evidences of Inner Harmony

PART 4 - Genesis 1:1 - The Stellar View

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4.1 - Extending the Geometries - 5

Star of stars

It has already been observed that 37 and 73 - the factors of 2701 - are figurate and may be typically represented as symmetrical 6-pointed stars, or hexagrams. Because of this, Genesis 1:1 may be depicted as a 'star of stars', thus:

(But observe, because 37 has 3 symmetrical forms, other compound representations are possible - including an alternative star of stars comprising 37 of 73).

The inner hexagon of 19 stars represents 19x37, or 703 (sum of the CVs of words 6 and 7 - "...and the earth.") while the inner hexgram of 13 stars portrays the 3rd and 5th Hebrew words, 'God' and 'heaven', respectively, thus:

Set tightly around these symmetrical figures we find an outline hexagon of 18 and an outline hexagram of 24, respectively - representing 666 and 888, thus:

Interesting. Here on the one hand is the 'number of the beast' with '...and the earth' securely held in its grasp; and, on the other, Jesus - the Creator - in close association with 'God' and 'heaven'; both mediated by 37, the abundant factor of Genesis 1:1.

These central figures - now augmented by their outlines - each comprise 37 stars and therefore represent 37x37, or 1369:

Lord of Lords

In the following portrayals of the Bible's first verse the unit stars of 37 have been replaced by the unit hexagons of 37 and their 3-D counterparts, the solid gnomons [1], respectively, thus:

As has been observed already, an inverted obverse view of a solid gnomon is a cube of the same order; thus, what is actually a symmetrical structure of 37 unit cubes appears as the cube of 64! It follows that if the central hexagram of 37 solid gnomons each be inverted and rotated through 180 degrees the picture becomes one in which 37 cubes of 64 occupy centre stage - a total of 2368, the Lord's number, thus:

Observe the factorisations of these numerical forms of the Lord's Name:

Clearly, the involvement of 296 - CV of "and the earth" - is highly appropriate for the Incarnated One, Jesus Christ; and the fact that the ratio Name:Title is 3:5 - precisely matching that of the sides of the Mercy Seat (Ex.25:17) - surely confirms these details to have been purposely contrived.


4.2 - Extending the Geometries - 6

a further tessellated geometry of 2701

Reference has already been made to tessellations based upon the hexagon/hexagram pair 169/337. Here we consider one which involves the "...and the earth." pair 19/37.

The sum of the first 5 values of the Genesis 1:1 set is1998, or 54 x 37 (represented here as an incomplete hexagram of unit hexagrams - each having the value 37).

The central hexagon of 19 units of 37-as-hexagram may now be replaced with 37 units of 19-as-hexagon, thus:

Observe that while the value of the core (and of the whole) remains unchanged, a body of hexagons compatible with the hexagrams has, hereby, been established.

2701 may thus be expressed as 54 units of 37-as-hexagram plus 37 units of 19-as-hexagon - and the question is 'Using these units as compatible tiles, are we able to accomodate them all in a symmetrical pattern?' Here is one solution:

Remarkably, the first word (CV = 913) of Genesis 1:1 is clearly represented at the centre of the foregoing diagram as a symmetrical tessellation of 37-as-hexagram and 19-as-hexagon, thus:

Here, observe that the 18 hexagrams - each of 37 - total 666.


the 'WORD' star

The same elements, viz. 19-as-hexagon and 37-as-hexagram, may be used to construct a tessellated representation of 'LOGOS' or 'WORD' (which occurs three times as LogoV in John 1:1) on the basis that its CV, 373 = 6.19 + 7.37, thus:



A further point of interest is that this graphic is contained precisely within a hexagram of 541 which happens to be the CV of the Hebrew word for Israel () [2] , comprising 37 rows of counters, thus:


4.3 - Interim Observations

Observe here the integrated numero-geometrical relationships that exist between the Creation (as represented by Genesis 1:1) and its Creator, Jesus Christ.


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