The Beginning of Wonders

Abstract. On the basis of the self-evident facts presented here the first verse of the Hebrew Scriptures - already featuring the most widely read words of all time - must be regarded as the most remarkable combination of words ever written, and a standing miracle.

Introduction. Few people today realise that what is generally known as 'The Bible' represents, potentially, about 50% of the information contained between its covers. Let me explain: the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek documents from which all Bible translations ultimately derive may also be fairly read as sets of numbers. This intriguing situation comes about because, long ago, these ancient peoples adopted the practice of using the letters of their alphabets as numerals. Accordingly, each letter was associated with a fixed value, and a sequence of letters with the sum of their respective values. Consequently, equipped with the relevant scheme of numeration, every Hebrew or Aramaic word of the Old Testament and every Greek word of the New Testament may be readily translated into a whole number [0]. But it is appropriate that we ask whether numbers obtained in this way can, in any sense, be regarded as meaningful. I suggest that, under normal circumstances, we would tend to conclude that these derivatives are meaningless adhesions to the text. But here is a Book that claims to be divinely-inspired! Might not things be different in this case? Might not the numbers represent information that complements the biblical text? Might not this particular text be self-authenticating? How could we know for sure? Clearly, a simple test is required to settle the matter.

The Test. It is reasonable that we begin at the beginning by considering the numbers that arise from a reading of the 7 Hebrew words of the Bible's first verse, Genesis 1:1 - a fundamental and strategically-placed assertion. In word order these are, respectively, 913, 203, 86, 401, 395, 407, and 296; their sum - the number to be associated with the complete verse - is 2701, or 37x73. [1] Now observe:

  1. The reflective factors of this sum - both prime numbers - immediately catch the eye
  2. These factors are further related geometrically [2]
  3. Their product, 2701 (representing Genesis 1:1), takes the form of a large triangular number having a cubic outline comprising 216, or 6x6x6, counters [3]
  4. The sum of the numbers representing words 6 and 7 (translated 'and the earth') is 703, or 19x37; these factors - again, both prime numbers - are related geometrically in much the same way as are 37 and 73 [4]
  5. Their product, 703, is not only a triangular number, but specifically the one that is closely coordinated with 2701 [5]
  6. The same pair of numbers feature in a trapezium whose symmetries reveal further divisions of the verse [6]
  7. Because each of the factors of 2701 is a 'star' number (or hexagram), Genesis 1:1 may be further represented as a 'star of stars' [7]
  8. On the basis of the foregoing observations it is clear that 37 assumes a dominant role in the Genesis 1:1 number structure; however, it also transpires that 37 is unique as a number per se [8]
  9. Appropriately, each component of the Creator's Name is found to be a multiple of 37 - indeed, a multiple of 8x37, or 296, value of the 7th word of the Bible's first verse [9]
  10. A tesselated view of Genesis 1:1 [10]
  11. The additional features of an augmented form of the first verse [11]
  12. A significant numero-geometrical singularity leads to the understanding that the numbers undergirding the opening 8 Hebrew words are related parametrically [12]
  13. The mapping of the salient features of an abundant modern artefact onto these 8 words [13]
  14. The derivation of the fundamental constant pi (correct to 5 significant figures) from the letters and words of Genesis 1:1 [14]
  15. The derivation of the fundamental constant e (correct to 5 significant figures) from the letters and words of John 1:1 (a New Testament verse closely related to Genesis 1:1), applying an identical procedure [15]
  16. A simple 3D excursion serves to reveal further geometric cohesion among the Bible's opening Hebrew words [16]

Concluding Remarks. These evidences of deep design in the Bible's opening words throw a completely new light on the true status of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, for Who alone is capable of simultaneously speaking into existence a meaningful sentence copiously embroidered with such a variety of significant number structures - these incorporating the Author's own signature?!

Can this be a sign for our generation? If so, how is it to be interpreted?

Vernon Jenkins MSc