The Scriptures inform us that our Creator is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:1-3). In the same passage He is referred to as 'The Word'. From the Greek of the New Testament we read

Observe that the Name, Title and Name+Title represent the numbers 888, 1480 and 2368, respectively. All are multiples of 37, and of 296, the 7th word of Genesis 1:1. Thus, 888 = 24x37 = 3x296; 1480 = 40x37 = 5x296; and 2368 = 64x37 = 8x296. So already we see the Creator's Name firmly linked numerically with the Bible's opening assertion, "In the beginning God made the heaven and the earth." - and this by a unique number per se together with a multiple which, very appropriately for the Incarnate One, represents the final word "earth". But there are also some beautiful geometrical links - which we shall now examine.

We begin with an alternative representation of the opening verse comprising 73 elements - each of 37-as-hexagon, thus:

The sum of the final two words, both multiples of 37, may be represented, as before, as a central hexagon comprising 19 units of 37, thus:

The impression created is that "...and the earth" is central to the whole creation enterprise.

Attention has already been drawn to the fact that within this hexagram of 73 units there exists another of 37 units; if the hexagon representing each unit is envisaged as a cube comprising 64 counters, then the Creator's Name (represented by 2368, or 64x37) appears at the centre of His creation, thus:

[This representation of the Lord at the centre of His creation becomes all the more significant when it is remembered that the cube is a biblical symbol of holiness (1Kings 6:20, Rev.21:16)]

The outline of this inner figure comprises 24 units, so that reverting to hexagons - each of 37 (and coloured blue) - we have a representation of 888, or "Jesus", thus:

Interestingly, the innermost hexagram represents 13x37, or 481 - sum of 86 ("God") and 395 ("heaven").

Just two final points:

(1) The ratio 888:1480 (i.e. "Jesus":"Christ") is 3:5 - precisely that of the sides of the mercy seat, or propitiatory (Ex.25:17); this relationship is backed up by a number of NT references which speak of the Lord being the propitiation for our sins (e.g. Ro.3:25, 1Jn.2:2).

(2) The Greek rendering of "Word" is "Logos", thus:

The number represented by this string of letters is 373 - this revealing the factors of Genesis 1:1, viz 37 and 73.