Here we observe that 2701, value of the Bible's first verse, may be alternatively represented as a trapezium comprising 37 rows of counters - 55 in the first row and 91 in the 37th, thus:

If 703-as-triangle now be centrally superimposed on this structure, we obtain

and observe that the parallelograms flanking the triangle each comprise 999, or 27x37 counters. This happens to coincide with an even division within the first 5 word-values, thus: 913+86 (sum of words 1 and 3) = 203+401+395 (sum of words 2, 4 and 5) = 999.

Finally, note that the outline of the trapezium comprises 216, or 6x6x6, counters (as, of course, does the triangular form of this verse).