Details of the Genesis 1:1& numerical geometries


The 'backcloth':

a triangle representing the sum of the first 8 word CVs, thus:

Observe here:

  • the equilateral threeness of this figure - and its simplicity: 1 counter forming the first (topmost) row; 2, the second; 3, the third; and so on...

  • the total of counters represented is therefore 1+2+3+...+75+76+77 = 3003

  • the order number of a numerical triangle such as this is given by the number of its rows, or by the number of counters forming a side - in this case, 77


First overlay:

a second triangle - the sum of CVs 1 to 7, inclusive - i.e. Genesis 1:1, the opening verse:

Observe that here is an example of a triangle built around a single central counter (represented in white) - and therefore capable of generating a hexagon/hexagram pair by self intersection/union [1] [2]

It is noteworthy also

  • that the number of counters forming the outline of this triangle is the cube 216, or 6x6x6 [3]

  • that 2701 is the product of two reflective prime numbers - thus, 2701 = 37 x 73 - each factor having a substantial and closely-related figurate dimension [4]

  • that the factors of 3003 are likewise worthy of attention [5]

  • that this verse is saturated with 37s [6]


This striking representation of the Bible's first verse is further enhanced by its 3003-as-triangle backcloth in two distinct ways: word 8 of 302 units provides either a plinth - (a), or a protective covering - (b), for the verse, thus:


Second overlay:

for (a): a trio of congruent triangles [the sum of CVs 1 to 5, inclusive] [7];

and, for (b): a hexagon [the sum of CVs 4 to 8, inclusive] [8]; thus,


These respective overlays are depicted in position at (a) and (b) below. [So as to clarify the situation with respect to (a), observe the lightening of shade at its centre].


Further observe that while the CVs forming the hexagon at (b) are not entirely contained in the Genesis 1:1 sequence, the figure is nevertheless compatible with it, for it represents the intersection of 2701-as-triangle with an inverted copy of itself.


Third overlay:

another triangle - the sum of CVs 6 and 7

Like 2701 (the verse total), 703 has just two prime factors - both of which are figurate, and related geometrically, thus: 703 = 19 x 37 [9]

As revealed here, 703-as-triangle, when inverted, fills the void of (a) precisely, and perfectly inscribes the hexagon at (b).



The essentially triangular nature of the geometries associated with Genesis 1:1 is further substantiated when one considers the lexical structure of the verse. In its original Hebrew form it comprises 7 words and a total of 28 letters. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that the 7th triangular number should be 28![10]

Clearly, all things considered, it is hard to argue that these parallel developments are little more than a series of remarkable - but essentially random - coincidences! The suggestion is that their inclusion within God's Inspired Word was an intentional act designed to counter the anticipated apostasy and widespread unbelief so rampant in our day. Odd as it may sound, these phenomena may be seen as a kind of 'postscript' - an "Oh, by the way..!" - graciously delayed so as to coincide with a time of dire need. Here, and in subsequent pages, these revelations are consolidated and extended.


Vernon Jenkins MSc