1. Introduction - As has been demonstrated in the earlier page, a fair alternative reading of the Hebrew of the Bible's first two verses reveals a remarkable structure of coordinated numerical geometries which - because it springs from the heart of mathematics, and because of the extremely slender odds of its being found in the opening words of this Book, by chance - demands the attention of all seekers of truth. Our purposes here are twofold:

(a) to show that substantial echoes of these phenomena may be found in verses 3 and 4 of Genesis 1 - which, in translation, read "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness."

and, (b) to consider again the profound implications of this augmented package of coordinated geometries and the many other rare features - documented elsewhere - which accompany them.

2. The numerical data and associated geometries - Here, reading from right to left, are verses 3 and 4 of Genesis 1 as they appear in the original Hebrew:

Those who wish to check the accuracy of these data may find the necessary details here.

Observe that, by convention, hyphens are ignored. The translation of the words and their fair numerical reading are reiterated in the table below. Sequences yielding significant sums appear on the right-hand side and are identified by letter and colour-code. Numbers to the immediate left of the bars represent the positions of the associated words in the biblical text.

The geometries associated with the sequences so marked are depicted in the following miniatures:


Observe that these coded figures are not to scale. The sum of each sequence of interest may be briefly described as follows:

Further details may be accessed by clicking appropriately in the following list:


3. Conclusions - In the earlier page, "Creation Geometries", it was demonstrated that the numero-geometrical structure supporting the opening Hebrew words of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures displays a singular pedigree; one in which the unique cube of 6 (i.e. 216) is closely associated with the outline of a significant equilateral triangle. Clearly, the extreme odds against such an event happening by chance are considerably raised by the facts disclosed here. It is therefore natural, I suggest, that we regard the matters reported as evidence of intelligent design. But we have to ask whether such a feat is within the capabilities of any human agency - and while we may be exceedingly reluctant to offer the answer 'No', the issue is quickly settled by the realisation that the writing of the Hebrew words preceded the scheme of alphabetic numeration (the key to their fair reading as numbers) by many centuries!

It follows that the phenomena - which, remarkably, involve the Creator's signature - must be of supernatural origin; and we are led to consider, deeply, what their purpose might be. As we read in Jn.10:37,38 and Jn.14:11, the Lord expects reasonable people to respond positively to miracle - particularly one which is ongoing and readily available for inspection to all who seek and honour Truth. One clear lesson that emerges, I suggest, is that we can no longer play fast and loose with the Word of God! Those whose particular concern appears to be the shoring up of a theory that seriously questions the truth of these early words of Genesis need, in my view, to carefully consider the implications of the facts presented here.

Vernon Jenkins MSc

email: vernon.jenkins@virgin.net



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