The sequence of 12 words representing verse 4 has the combined value 1776, or 48 x 37. Recollect that the Bible's first verse is also a multiple of 37 - the only number that exhibits two-dimensional symmetry in three distinct ways. In particular, 37 may appear as a star (or hexagram) - as may its digit reflection, 73 (the other factor of Genesis 1:1). Indeed, the Hebrew Scriptures open in a spectacular fashion, the following 'star of stars' being but one of several possible symmetrical representations of 2701 - a fair alternative reading of the verse:

It transpires that 1776 - the value of Genesis 1:4 (and of the whole of Genesis 1:3 plus the first 6 words of 1:4) - may be represented as the outline hexagram of 48 units (of 37-as-hexagram) that encapsulates the foregoing figure, thus:

Observe that because this figure comprises a total of 121 units, these may be rearranged to form a square of side 11 - the units themselves mutating appropriately from 37-as-hexagram to 37-as-truncated square, thus:

Observe that both Genesis 1:1 (green) and Genesis 1:4 (orange) again appear as symmetrical patterns. But there is now more to be said, for the outer ring of 40 units represents a total of 1480 (the value of "Christ" from a fair reading of the New Testament Greek), while the inner ring of 24 green units represents a total of 888 (the value of "Jesus" - again, from the Greek). The following miniatures capture these - and other - remarkable facts:

Vernon Jenkins MSc