1. Introduction

Here is further evidence that the Lord is using the key features of simple present-day artefacts* to convince those whose wisdom otherwise requires them to insist that the mabbul (the Hebrew term for the Genesis Flood) - though extensive - was essentially a local inundation; and that Noah - despite his New Testament references - might well have been a mythical character. Clearly, if simple language is insufficient to convey the truth of such a momentous event in Earth history - and of the reality of the family involved - its Author has to provide additional means to safeguard the integrity of what He wants us to know. Based on reasoned argument, the following is a brief account of how this is being achieved. It involves the use of an extension of the well-known checkerboard - basis of many games, including draughts and chess.

*Further details may be found here and here.

2. The CXC Interface

Figure 1 defines an area of interest which is completely independent of things spiritual. This 64x64 square - comprising an ordered array of 4096 units - may also be understood as a 16x16x16 cube and, as detailed in Figures 2 and 3, derives from an ancient and abundant artefact - the checkerboard. Observe that 64 - the number of units forming a side - is also both square and cube, and that such correspondences are rare among the natural numbers.

3. The Creator's Signature

The Judaeo-Christian Scriptures identify the Creator as Jesus Christ (John 1:3; Col 1:16). Based on the historically-attested principles of Greek alphabetic numeration, Table 1 reveals the numbers to be associated with our Creator; Name and Title are to be found in both Septuagint (a Greek translation of the Old Testament, circa 300 BC) and New Testament.

[Those unacquainted with these matters may find the requisite details here]

These numbers, 888, 1480 and 2368, factorise respectively as 24.37, 40.37 and 64.37. The CXC may therefore be partitioned to reveal a rectangular array of 2368 unit squares accompanied by another of 1728. Observe that 1728 is the cube of 12. These rectangles are depicted in Figure 4.

Significantly, and appropriately, we deduce from readings of 1Kings 6:20 and Revelation 21:16 that the cube is a biblical symbol of holiness.

4. The Sign of Genesis 1:1

Figure 5 (left) represents the union of the two foregoing patterns, and we are immediately aware of the interesting adjacency of the cube of 9 with two instances of its associated repunit, 999. The latter, of course, is a marked feature of the Bible's first verse (Table 2) where we observe

words (1+3) = words (2+4+5) = 999

At Figure 5 (right) we see the square of 1369 units expressed as the sum of the adjacent triangular numbers 666 and 703 - the latter being the sum of the two remaining words of Genesis 1:1 (i.e. words 6 and 7).

Figure 6 (left) depicts the outcome of these operations: a representation of Genesis 1:1 which displays symmetry about a long diagonal. Further, this is shown (right) to have an outline of 216, or 6.6.6, unit squares (a value which again associates cube with corresponding repunit!).

But there is yet more to be said: the triangle of 703 may be combined with two of 105 (one taken from each of the rectangles of 999) to generate 913, value of the first word of the Scriptures. The two truncated rectangles each comprise 894 unit squares - yet, remarkably, word boundaries are not infringed, for

words (2+5+7) = words (3+4+6) = 894

Clearly, the Creator and Creation Prologue share a close and remarkable association at the CXC Interface.

5. The Sign of Genesis 8:14

The circumstances attending Genesis 8:14 are interesting: because of man's gross wickedness divine judgment has been exercised; apart from Noah's family and the animals inhabiting the ark all terrestial life has been extinguished by the mabbul. We are about to read of a new beginning; the cleansed Earth is to be populated again at God's command: "Then God said to Noah, 'Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives. Bring out every living creature that is with you...so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful and increase in number upon it'. So Noah came out..." (Genesis 8:15-18). The previous verse therefore stands at a critical point in Earth history: clearly, it is in the nature of an epilogue to the Antediluvian/Diluvian Age - to which Genesis 1:1 is the prologue. But it also functions as a prologue to the Postdiluvian experience - of which we are part!

It is therefore a matter of some significance that the sum of the 8 Hebrew words of Genesis 8:14 is the large triangular number, 2701 - and thus identical to the sum of the 7 of Genesis 1:1 (as demonstrated above)! Here are the details:

The sequence of diagrams which follow reveal that this verse also is able to reside comfortably within the CXC Interface.

Observe that the sum of words 1 and 2 is 685. This has the geometrical form of a diamond which fits precisely within the 37x37 square. Words 4, 5 and 7 total 999.

The two upper triangles associated with the diamond are each of 171 units. Together, they total 342 - value of word 6. The two lower triangles likewise total 342; this, augmented by 37, becomes 379 - value of word 3. Finally, since the eighth word, 296 (also present in Genesis 1:1) is itself a multiple of 37, it may be represented as an 8.37 rectangle.

The verse total, 2701, is thus represented by the concatenation of these several figures. As may be seen, there is no symmetry here; yet the outline of this figure is again 216, or 6.6.6.

One may well wonder at the coordination of this set of 'jigsaw pieces' derved from the 8 words of a meaningful verse of Hebrew!

6. The Matching Signs

It is worth observing that in an alternative presentation, Genesis 1:1 takes precisely the same form. This is made possible by the fact that both 407 and 296 are multiples of 37. Figure 11 provides the details.

7. The Name and Title of the Creator

Finally, returning to the representation of the Creator, let us observe that 888 and 1480 have the large common factor 296 (value of the final word of both Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 8:14). Thus, 888 = 3.296 and 1480 = 5.296; their sum, 2368 = 8.296. It follows that these partitions are available within the CXC Interface - as depicted below:

8. Conclusions

It is clear that these verses - which appear to function as a pair of bookends to what may be called 'Phase 1' of Earth history are securely bound together numerically! In addition, it has been demonstrated that both are inextricably linked with the Creator's Name. It follows that Genesis 8:14 must be regarded as an integral part of the standing miracle which accompanying pages have sought to define.

Despite the clear words of Genesis 6-9, it is widely believed that the mabbul was nothing more than an intense, but essentially local, flood. Without this understanding Darwinians would find it impossible to justify their reading of the history of this planet. But if that were true, why the direct, powerful, and logical language of the biblical narrative? And why its remarkable numerical affirmation? Is it any longer reasonable to believe that the event was anything but global?! And is it any longer reasonable to believe that the Lord's method of creating was by evolution?!

Vernon Jenkins MSc




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