[Please note that for those unacquainted with ISO 216 the necessary details are provided here, here and here]

It may be remembered that the following set of eight numbers, read from right to left, is rather special:

Remarkably, each of these numbers may be read from a ruler graduated in millimetres by bringing, (i) a single A4 sheet and, (ii) a series of folded A4 sheets into particular contact with it - as here demonstrated.


[Observe that a second pair drawn from the set of 8 also sums to the triangular number 703; thus, 401 + 302 = 703]

Presenting the width of the sheet to the ruler uncovers 790 ( = 2 x 395), i.e. twice the 5th value of the set


Now, changing the point of reference:








The same set of numbers represents a fair alternative reading of the Bible's opening Hebrew words:



Clearly, we have uncovered an intriguing mystery here. Why are these 'beginners' so closely integrated with the ubiquitous Twentieth Century artefact, A4? It can hardly be claimed that this association has been contrived by those responsible for creating the standard - rather, the story of the A-series of cut paper sizes reveals this to be the logical outcome of an historical process (details here and here). An adequate explanation must demand the existence of an omniscient, omnipotent, interested and purposeful Supervisor. Who better to fulfil this role than the God of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures? The fact that it has been necessary for Him to provide here, and elsewhere in these pages, such proof of biblical integrity in our day is deeply thought-provoking, and should cause all who love truth to carefully ponder the matter!

Vernon Jenkins MSc


Updated 2008-09-15


There are three further matters worthy of mention in respect of A4, namely,




In chapters 12 and 13 of the Bible's last Book, Revelation, the numbers 1260 and 666 appear explicitly - each in peculiar circumstances (further details here). A simple diagram reveals their combined connection with A4.

The combined width of six A4 sheets laid side-by-side is clearly 6x210, or 1260 mm. Subtracting twice the length of A4, 2x297, or 594 mm, we obtain 666 mm.



Observe that the A-series, and A4 in particular, is defined in a document headed, ISO 216. Now 216 is the cube of 6 - first perfect number. It may therefore be written 6.6.6 - conveying the same visual impact as 666. Moreover, the outline of the Genesis 1:1 triangle comprises 216 counters. Thus, in the context of our discussion, this sequence number could not be more appropriate!