A Second Tessellated View of Genesis 1:1

We begin by reminding ourselves of the evaluation of the 7 Hebrew words with which the Bible begins, thus:

The sum of these 7 numbers is 2701 - the value of the verse. Each of 37 and 73 - the factors of 2701 - may be represented as a symmetrical 6-pointed star, or hexagram. Because of this, Genesis 1:1 may be depicted as a 'star of stars', thus:

Here we see 73 stars - each comprising 37 counters; and because 703 (sum of words 6 and 7) has the factors 19 and 37, a symmetrical division is possible - the green hexagon representing this number, thus:


Observe that the sum of the first 5 words of Genesis 1:1 is 1998, or 3 x 666, or 54 x 37 (represented in the following diagram as an incomplete hexagram of unit hexagrams - each having the value 37).

This figure may now be completed by filling its vacant hexagonal core (representing 703, or 19 x 37 - the sum of words 6 and 7) - with either of the following so as to attain the verse total of 2701, or 73 x 37.

Observe that, because each is the 3rd term in its respective series, 19-as-hexagon is capable of tessellating with 37-as-hexagram. Here, therefore - following the second of these alternatives - is the outcome:

To summarise: we seek a symmetrical tessellation which balances precisely 54 of the purple 'tiles' with 37 of the green - interestingly, a total of 91 tiles (91 being itself a numerical hexagon, triangle and pyramid).

Here is a solution possessing bilateral- and rotational (order 3)- symmetry:


Vernon Jenkins MSc