Remarkably, the Bible's opening Hebrew words speak into being an impressive system of coordinated numerical geometries with which many other scriptural features resonate. This brief account introduces the more prominent of these.

The words, together with their literal meanings, appear as follows:

- and the symmetrical numero-geometrical structure they conceal,

This astonishing construction is defined by the 8 natural numbers that result from a fair alternative reading of these Hebrew words, thus:


(i) that the passage encompasses the whole of Genesis 1:1 and the first word of Genesis 1:2

(ii) that the 4th Hebrew word is not translated as it indicates that the following noun is a definite and direct object of the transitive verb

(iii) that the figure above each letter of the text represents its value as a numeral - as defined in the Hebrew scheme of alphabetic numeration (to be found here)

(iv) that the number beneath each word represents its characteristic value, i.e. the sum of its constituent letters, interpreted as numerals

The numerical geometries, documented below, are obtained as sums of consecutive values from within this ordered number set - specifically, those indicated by the accompanying colour-coded keys.

Feature 1 - The sum of all eight numbers is 3003 - the 77th triangular number:

Observe that 3003 = 3 x 1001 = 3 x 7 x 11 x 13 = 3 x 11 x 91 - the last, one of just two numbers which may be realised as 3 distinct symmetrical arrangements of counters (details here).

Clearly, this figure embraces all the numerical geometries that follow.

Feature 2 - The sum of the first 7 (representing Genesis 1:1) is 2701 - the 73rd triangular number:

2701 = 37 x 73 - the product of two mutually reflective prime numbers - 37 being the trifigurate companion of 91 above.

Observe that, in this depiction, 302, value of the 8th word, forms a perfect plinth for this first verse of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures.

Feature 3 - The same triangle - but with its base now coincident with the base of the larger triangle:

Here, the depiction of the 8th word takes the form of a shelter for Gen.1:1.

Feature 4 - The sum of the final 5 is 1801, the 25th hexagon - which happens to be the symmetrical self-intersection of 2701-as-triangle (details here)

Feature 5 - ...which accomodates the 37th triangle, 703 (sum of words 6 and 7), precisely:

Feature 6 - The same triangle, is accomodated - again, precisely - by the 73rd triangle, 2701 (representing Genesis 1:1) - revealing the sum of the first 5 words as a trio of 666-as-triangle:

The complete set of features is summarised in the following overlay:

This structure is not only symmetrical and pleasing to look at, but its components possess significant singularities, thus:

(i) the highest prime factor of 2701 and its triangular components, 703 and 666, is 37 - trifigurate, and most symmetrical of all 2-D figurate numbers

(ii) 3003 boasts the only other trifigurate number, 91, as factor

(iii) 666 is unique: it is the only triangular number whose numerical attributes are all triangular (details here)

(iv) the sum of these attributes is 216, or 6x6x6 (= the number of counters forming the outline of 2701-as-triangle) - a rare example of a cubic triangular outline

(v) 1801-as-hexagon is unique among numerical hexagons in that its side = 25, its height (= number of rows of counters) = 49, and its perimeter = 144. In other words, 5^2, 7^2 and 12^2, respectively

(vi) the number of letters involved in Genesis 1:1 is 28 - 7th triangular number

Thus, the whole structure fairly bristles with interest. Remarkably, its existence is predicated on an informed reading of Revelation 13:18 (to be found here), and (unwittingly) confirmed by Vladimir shCherbak in his paper Arithmetic inside the universal genetic code (an account of which may be found here).

Some final comments:

Clearly, the first 8 Hebrew words of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures are informative at two distinct levels of understanding. The literal assertion - coming first - requires little further explanation; but the closely integrated numerical geometries - whose basis was laid when these words were first uttered by the Creator (the developing of this latent image requiring the emergence of the Hebrew alphabetic scheme of numeration many centuries later) - raise intriguing questions which, undoubtedly, demand supernatural answers. The fact that they appear at the very threshold of these Scriptures is further proof of divine purpose. So, what is the message that these numerical absolutes are intended to convey to the rational mind? Surely, it is that by reason alone we can be assured of the divine provenance of the Bible, and of the utter integrity of all that is recorded between its covers.

Vernon Jenkins MSc