Appendix 3 - Evidence of order

In the following analysis, supposing D(n) to represent the absolute final outcome of progressively differencing n integers. It has already been observed that when applied respectively to _all 7 of Genesis 1:1_, _the first 5 of Genesis 1:1_, and _the final 2 of Genesis 1:1_, the following results obtain:

These facts are the more remarkable because D(5) + D(2) = G(6) + G(7) = 703 = 19.37 = 37th triangular number - the CV of "... and the earth." But are we entitled to claim that they are uniquely interesting, and so offer further solid evidence for the standing miracle of Genesis 1:1?

To answer to this question it is first desirable that we convert each of the original 7 values to their modulo 37 form, thus:

We now observe the following:

Again, because of the symmetry of the figures in each row of the Pascal Triangle, any 'multiple of 37 ' outcome will be unaffected if 1st and 7th, 2nd and 6th, and 3rd and 5th are exchanged.

It therefore transpires that there are just 4 sets of the type generated by Genesis1:1 in root position. They are:

Observe that the entries for D(7), D(5) and D(2) are of the form '37x / x'. It should be abundantly clear that the original arrangement (highlighted) is indeed more telling than any of the remaining three - and proof positive that of all 5040 permutations of these 7 numbers, the Genesis 1:1 arrangement alone confirms the significance of its two final words (translated "and the earth."), viz 407, sum of the cubes of its digits, and 296, factor of both components of the Lord's Name:


Vernon Jenkins MSc