The six-word sequence beginning position 16 and ending position 21 totals 1369, or 37x37 - a number that appears particularly appropriate to accompany the associated words: "And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Representing this as a rhombus, we find it spans the height of our outline triangle precisely, thus:

Observe that each of the supporting triangles has the capacity 666.

A further symmetrical representation is possible - this involving compound geometries and taking the form of a 'star of stars', thus:

In this picture a hexagram of 37 units - each unit a hexagram of 37 - resides within a hexagram of 73 units, representing Genesis 1:1. In respect of the inner hexagram, the following miniatures reveal, (a) an outline of 24 units (totalling 24 x 37, or 888) - i.e. "Jesus", the Creator; and, (b) the related hexagon of 19 units (totalling 703) - most appropriately, "the earth." (sum of the final two words of Genesis 1:1).

Again, with reference to (a), the inner hexagram of 13 units (totalling 481) is the sum of words 3 and 5 of Genesis 1:1, viz "God" and "the heaven(s)." Finally, each of the spurs of (b) represents 111 - and all six, 666.


Vernon Jenkins MSc