Appendix 1 - The Hebrew spelling of the Lord's Name

The Hebrew spelling of the name Jesus Christ has an interesting history. The Greek name IhsouV comes to us ultimately from the Hebrew name Joshua. In Hebrew, Joshua could be spelt in three different ways.

The Lord's title of Christ is a little more straightforward in Hebrew. CristoV (Christos) is the Septuagint form of the Hebrew word (Mashiach), meaning 'anointed'. has a CV of 358, and appears in this form in the book of Daniel, chapter 9, where it is translated as 'Messiah'. Using the article, becomes (haMashiach), which has a CV of 363. This form appears in one of the high priest's titles, (haKohen haMashiach), as at Leviticus 4:3. This latter title, , is that generally used by believing Jews.

The value of 754 is obtained from the form This appears to be the most likely Hebrew form contemporaneous to the advent of the Lord.

[Please note: concerning the rendering of the Hebrew names above, the characters that normally extend below the level of the printed line have been raised slightly to achieve neatness of presentation.]

Stephen Coneglan