Appendix 7 - The Triple Marker

Of the first billon (10^9) natural numbers, 44720 are found to be triangular. And of these, only 8 meet the specification that each be the sum of 3 consecutive triangles drawn from the general series. Here are the first three instances of the phenomenon*:

Observe that the 3rd instance delivers 1891 (61st triangular number) as the sum of 595 (the 34th), 630 (the 35th) and 666 (the 36th) - whose order numbers, incidentally, total 105 (14th triangular number). The term immediately following this trio in the infinite triangle series is 703 (the 37th) which features strongly in the Bible's first verse as the numerical reading of the two closing Hebrew words, translated "... and the earth.". And there is more to be said about each of the component triangles, 595, 630 and 666; these confirm this event to be a highly significant extrabiblical marker for the Genesis 1:1 findings, thus:

The informed will recognise that these interesting features, in total, represent a secular beacon that draws attention to significant scriptural associations. And, as if to dispel all doubt in this matter, the digits of 595, 630 and 666, written in reverse order, yields another trio of triangles, viz 595, 36 and 666 - 36 being the order number of 666. The new sum, 1297, is 6^4 + 1.

* The remainder are exceedingly large - hence, difficult to accomodate in this table.

Vernon Jenkins MSc


Acknowledgement: The author is indebted to Stephen Espenschied who brought this important matter to his attention.