The principal features of 1260

The remarkable features of 666 as a number per se have already been demonstrated in the earlier paper, "666 - and All That!", and the riddle in which it features (Rv.13:18) shown to be the key to a fuller understanding of other passages of Scripture - Genesis 1:1 in particular. But another large number appears in close proximity to 666 and it is appropriate that we now give it some attention. It refers to a harrowing period of time - intriguingly presented first as 1260 days (Rv.12:6), then as "a time, times, and half a time" (Rv.12:14; also Dn.12:7!), i.e. one plus two plus a half years, and again as 42 months (Rv.13:5) - the two latter clearly relating to a 360-day year and 30-day month.

What lies behind this interesting variety of expression? Is it possible that the reader's attention is being purposely drawn to some significant matter concerning 1260? Such questions can only be answered by first studying the features of 1260 as a number per se - thereafter, allowing it to lead us where it will.

Like 666, its close scriptural companion, 1260 displays imposing geometries based upon the equilateral triangle:

(1) Though not itself triangular, it is the LCM (lowest common multiple) of 12 triangular numbers (the first 9 and 3 more)! In other words, 1260 is the smallest number into which 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 105, 210, and 630, exactly divide.

(2) It is seen to be 12 x 105 - 105 being the perimeter of 666-as-triangle and 14th triangular number - a fact that establishes a firm geometrical link between 1260 and its biblical neighbour, 666.

(3) To add to the uniqueness of the occasion, we observe that of the 1413 triangular numbers in the first million natural numbers, only 4 have the property displayed here by 105, viz that its double, 210, is also triangular!

Figure 1: Important subdivisions of 210-as-triangle.

[Note: the significance of (c) will be made clear as we proceed]

Because of this rare phenomenon, the 21st numerical hexagon comprising 6 x 210-as-triangle symmetrically arranged around a single counter is equal to the 15th numerical hexagram comprising 12 x 105-as-triangle, similarly arranged.

Figure 2: The geometrical forms of 1261 mirror those of 37.

Observe that the triangle generating the hexagon is the 61st, viz 1891; and that generating the hexagram, the 43rd, viz 946 (interestingly, the midpoint of 1891).

Without the central counters, these figures represent 1260. What is portrayed here is an exceedingly rare phenomenon - there being only 3 examples in the first million natural numbers! It will be noted that the first example is 37 - highest prime factor of 666 and abundant factor of Genesis 1:1, thus:

(4) Clearly, the day following this 1260-day period of tribulation will be the 1261st - represented here by the completed hexagon or hexagram!

(5) Symbolically, the six-around-one principle of the hexagon speaks of the creation week; the twelve-around-one of the hexagram, of the Lord and the twelve tribes, or of the Lord and his disciples!

(6) Significantly, the same symmetries are to be found in what abounds in nature, viz the snow crystal!

Clearly, these attributes of 1260 are completely in accord with earlier observations - and they lead us into new pastures of discovery!

Vernon Jenkins MSc